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The newest and greatest feature to my site would have to be the video clips. It`s an awesome PF idea. Basically, I started shooting a video clip to go along with every picture set. So with the newest galleries, you’ll see what really happened during the shoot. The clip might be sexy, or funny or even of me just hanging out. It`s a great way to get to know me better or to just see more of me, period! I didn`t think you`d complain.
I love posing for the camera and teasing you. Inside you`ll find me posing everywhere! In the house or the apartment, at the car wash, in the tub, at the park, in the Hummer, in the garage, at restaurants, at the beach, and even in the FDAU University Dorm room! Let`s just say that I`m not that shy. I like the excitement of knowing that I might get caught posing in public or that someone may just be watching and enjoying the sight.
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